winter, you



winter, you burn white into retinas;

wounds that won’t heal

bloom blurry roses in the snow

and all I know is to pray

for unpredictable breezes

to freeze them over.


winter, when I’m with you

I feel everything ’til nothing’s left;

your icy breath whistling

through holes in my chest

and I can’t tell who’s weeping hardest,

who wins the prize for blindest eyes,

but my cynicism says not you.


winter, you show me stars

in clear night skies,

but there’s no glory in gravestones;

reminders of unrealistic dreams

are for an old tomorrow

where they still exist,

and I am weak and wandering

paths of least resistance

and still you’re unrelenting

in your persistence to remind me

of better days.


winter, I am waiting

for scars to blossom in spring

so I can maybe move on

to greener things,

and I am piling up all this shit

in hopes there will be something

left in it to grow.

Fantasy Fluff Can Be Good Stuff

Fortune's Fool (Five Hundred Kingdoms, #3)Fortune’s Fool by Mercedes Lackey

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It’s cute, fantasy-romance fluff.

I like the way the author combines folk and fairy tales together in her fantasy world, and how there’s always a twist on the familiar stories.

I noticed a few typos which always bothers me in non-indie printed format. There’s no real excuse for that.

I’m weird about my fantasy. I have some friends who absolutely love the heavy epic type of fantasy, and I just cannot do that. I am always weary of the author spending too much time on world-building and descriptions that he/she slacks on the character-building and plot.

Another thing that will kill a book quickly for me is when the author has taken themselves too seriously and expects too much suspended disbelief out of the reader. For example: You keep having the old “deus ex machina” pop up and don’t even acknowledge the cop out trope with a joke or something, and we’re gone have a problem, specifically a book-tossing problem.

I guess that’s what I like about this series. She doesn’t get too serious. For what it is, it’s good.

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Let’s all agree to just ignore that part


My handwritten html for the Webmaking 101 challenge (right here):



Is my handwriting awesomely bad or what?

Pay no mind to the fact that I forgot to leave a line open between the closing paragraph tag and the closing body tag, okay?




It took me 4 tries to get it all straight in my memory and by that time my hand was cramping, so I decided, “Screw it!”


Intro? No, no!


I will be attempting the Webmaking 101 Challenges ( because I want to increase/refresh/update my HTML and CSS knowledge.


Interesting facts about yours truly:


1. I love horror movies and books but I can’t play horror games, because I get too into it and then become absolutely terrified and have to either not-sleep in my bed or not-sleep at the foot of someone else’s. I won’t even be able to go the bathroom by myself.

2. I just started learning how to code very recently.

3. I have memorized several poems for no other reason than that I like them, but I can’t usually recall them at will. They just randomly pop into my head.

4. I have anxiety and thus – massive stage fright, but it doesn’t really kick in until after I am off stage. The shakes I get afterwards are crazy. Even so, I had a role as the lead of the children’s chorus (plus an extra in other dancing scenes) in the play “Evita” at the community theater.


There ya go; that’s all I’ve got.



there’s a crack 
in the ceiling;
sometimes i 
watch words
go floating u
vacuumed into 
a new existence.

shadows come 
slinking d
the walls 
painting sadder scenes
than yesterday, 
every day
a different mural.

you are not 
and there’s a


in the ceiling.